Ultraviolet light, commonly called "black light" has long been used in health care, industrial production, crime scene investigation and the world of antiques and collecting. But the price of high quality black lights capable of detecting fakes and counterfeits, destroying bacteria, locating mold and mildew and identifying gemstones put scientific level black lights beyond the reach and use of the average person. Now, though, with brighter light emitting diodes (LED) and improved power sources, there has never been a wider choice of high quality, affordable black lights every household and business can afford.

Remembering your eighth-grade science lessons is helpful, but certainly not necessary in operating a black light. The basic principle that makes black light useful is that many inanimate m
aterials and organisms appear differently in black light than they do under
ordinary room, or white, light Similarly, a disturbance to an original sutface such as an ID card, a repair to antique pottery or a damaged apartment wall will also be revealed under black light. US currency, travelers checks and other sensitive documents are also now specifically created to be authenticated by viewing under black light.

Be sure to read, understand and follow all the instructions that come with any black light you purchase. Although generally very safe to use and operate, UV shielding goggles are required to operate short wave black lights. And be sure to buy the right light for the job. Don't use a 6" black light to examine a 36" by 48" oil painting. Use short wave lights for killing germs, not long wave.

And finally, keep in mind that counterfeiters, forgers and scoundrels are always workings on ways to avoid black light detection. Never rely on black light as your only single test of authenticity, but use black light as one of a series of tests. Consider all the facts.

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Erin Sheffo

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